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This week, we uncover Sony's latest worst kept secret: their Oculus Rift-rivaling VR Headset, formally announced as Project Morpheus. This will undoubtedly have major implications on racing games the future; we can look forward to more interactive cockpit cameras, a heightened sense of speed and all the headaches, nausea and motion sickness that go with it.  

Indeed, while DriveClub was originally thought to be one of the major first party titles that will publicise Project Morpheus, this is sadly no longer the case, as a quick play session resulted in Sony's Computer Entertainment President person Shuhei Yoshida feeling queasy when driving at non-legal speeds. Perhaps he gets travel sickness? 

Speaking of DriveClub: yes, it's still delayed. No, we're still none the wiser about a final release date yet. Yoshida did confirm, however, that Sony's VR Headset was not a contributing factor to DriveClub's delay, once again leaving us in limbo. Meanwhile, added some fuel to the fire with a product listing for DriveClub pointing to a September release. Don't forget it's only a placeholder though.

Elsewhere, Thrustmaster announced the Ferrari 458 Spider wheel for Xbox One. It may not have force feedback, 900 degree steering or a clutch pedal, but it's certainly an affordable alternative to its beefier brother, the TX 458 Italia, so it's not to be sniffed at. 

In the PC sim racing world, the two major players Project CARS and Assetto Corsa each shared some pertanent manufacturer announcements: seven Audis will be joining Project CARS, while RUF will be making its way into Assetto Corsa.

All this and more can be found in your latest racing game news round-up embedded below. As always, links to all articles discussed in the video can be found below. 


Sony's VR Headset officially announced, will reportedly support DriveClub and Gran Turismo 7/news/sonys-vr-headset-officially-announced-will-reportedly-support-driveclub-and-gran-turismo-7/ 

DriveClub won't support Sony's Project Morpheus VR Headset :/news/driveclub-wont-support-sonys-project-morpheus-vr-headset/ 

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Ruf Automotive licence secured for Assetto Corsa/news/ruf-automotive-licence-secured-for-assetto-corsa/ 

Audi septet inbound for Project CARS/news/audi-septet-inbound-for-project-cars/ 

Thrustmaster announces budget Ferrari 458 Spider Wheel for Xbox One: /news/thrustmaster-announces-budget-ferrari-458-spider-wheel-for-xbox-one/ 

Germany's Teutschenthal dirt track shown off in latest MXGP preview images/news/germanys-teutschenthal-dirt-track-shown-off-in-latest-mxgp-preview-images/ 

MXGP demo scheduled for Steam release on March 21st 

KartSim coming to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight "in the coming weeks"/news/kartsim-coming-to-kickstarter-and-steam-greenlight-in-the-coming-weeks/ 

Free-to-play Crazy Taxi: City Rush careering onto mobiles/news/free-to-play-crazy-taxi-city-rush-careering-onto-mobiles/ 

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