Terms of Service - Team VVV

When using the www.TeamVVV.com website there are several guidelines that should be followed at all times, failure to follow these guidelines could see your account suspended or in some cases permanently banned. So, please take the time to read, understand and follow these simple guidelines.

  • Usernames should not contain the ‘VVV’ acronym. Usernames cannot be edited, accounts containing ‘VVV’ will be deleted, those users will be required to re-register for the website.
  • Please make sure any images posted on the forum are tasteful.
  • Do not post any form of pornography.
  • No posting of politics, everyone has an opinion and it turns into a war zone.
  • No religious chat, this isn’t the forum for it.
  • Use respectable language within reason.
  • Do not post entirely in CAPS; this can be interpreted as an aggressive stance or SHOUTING and therefore not acceptable.
  • Use of signature is prohibited as it simply wastes space and bandwidth.
  • Do not harass, abuse or threaten any other members of the forum.
  • Do not use language that may antagonize other forum members.
  • No flaming or trolling of threads, if you don’t agree with what’s being said please make your point and leave the discussion to progress naturally.
  • Any threats or abuse against Team VVV staff and contributors will see an instant ban, it is not tolerated under any circumstances. If you have a disagreement, discuss it in an adult fashion.
  • When creating a thread, make it interesting and unique. Please search the forum before creating a thread to make sure a thread has not already been created on the subject. Make a search before posting to avoid repeating posts.
  • Do not reply to your own post simply to bump it up, instead edit your previous post. If this is not possible, your new post should contain additional noteworthy content. Do not bump topics unless adding constructive conversation.
  • Excessive quoting will be removed at the discretion of the Moderators.
  • Writing in shortened language (text message style) is not authorized/allowed.
  • Please keep all messages in English.
  • If you have problems with any user or see any of these rules being ignored / broken, please contact a Moderator.

Team VVV have the right to delete any content or ban any user without explanation.

These rules can and will be reviewed and altered at the discretion of the forum Administration.

YouTube Terms of Service: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms