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News DriveClub won’t support Sony’s Project Morpheus VR Headset


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Contrary to our report yesterday that DriveClub is believed to be one of the headline games to support Sony's VR Headset Project Morpheus, PlayStation President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed to Gamespot that this is not the case. While it's true that DriveClub originally intended to support Project Morpheus, PlayStation president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was less than satisfied with the experience when he tried it out for himself.

Yoshida told Gamespot that it worked well when driving at low speeds whilst looking freely around the cockpit and admiring the highly detailed surrounding scenery.

However, playing DriveClub as it was intended, i.e. driving at non-legal road speeds, caused Yoshida to experience motion sickness: "It's kind of difficult and sickening," he told Gamespot.

Evolution were actively involved with the development of Project Morpheus at one point. This is no longer the case however, as Yoshida confirmed that Evolution is "not working on Morpheus at all," and is instead putting "all the effort" into finishing the game.

Speaking of DriveClub's delay, Yoshida downplayed any speculation that Evolution's experimenting with Project Morpheus was a factor. "There's a rumor about the reason of the pushback of Driveclub was to make it Morpheus compatible…that's totally untrue," Yoshida said. "The extra time we're giving the team means the visuals and overall experience are only going to get better. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait," he said in a previous statement regarding DriveClub's delay.

Yoshida's virtual reality experience with DriveClub contradicts his previous statement somewhat, though, where he described racing games as "the best application" for the VR technology. 

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