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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Game: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Platform: PC, PS5, XBox Series X

Publisher: Nacon

Release Date: TBC Late 2023

Test Drive Unlimited 2 was one of those titles that put both myself and VVV on the YouTube map years ago. At the time I was chasing early code and having access to a PS3 Test unit, it enabled me to have free reign over all offline components. However on setting out, I wasn’t quite appreciative of the passion generated by the fanbase and the love for TDU.  TDU was an unusual title in that it was very much a marmite of games. Many gamers were transitioning from Project Gotham Racing 3, which although was a great game, it had become old and with no long term rivals, gamers were craving for something new. TDU ticked a lot of those boxes and though the car handling was comparatively limited, it did deliver a huge and involving experience.

For me, the handling didn’t really work, it had potential but didn’t grab me in the way I wanted and so I moved onto Forza Motorsport 2 and on from there. So, back to 2011, I had received my code and following the recent success of my F1 2010 coverage, I finally had a decent wheel and rig to take my automotive experience and enjoyment to a whole different level. At this point I was still in the dark as to the potential success of the forthcoming video content. But as ever, would maximise any exclusive in producing a Preview To Content video. Already views were up, and without any clue as to how I was going to cover this, I set out on my journey through Test Drive Unlimited 2.

When creating content like this in a livestream, uncut style manner, there is always that concern, how will I play this? What if I play poorly? How will it affect my reputation? All kinds of potential pressures. Instead I threw all of that into the bin and just enjoyed myself playing the game, and did I enjoy myself. It was obvious to the audience that despite the games many technical forthcomings and rather clunky design, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of  this game world. Driving it at times as if I was in a real car, other times I just wanted to explore. Test different cars, or give myself a massive nose in the plastic surgery clinic.

Then jetting off to Hawaii, it was wonderful to explore a comparatively new land, especially with my limited experience of the first game. The play areas were huge, the worlds felt alive, meanwhile the voice acting felt so comically bad as to increase the overall charm of this gaming world. I just wanted to explore more and more, and that lead to my extended Sunday drives. Unfortunately the Sunday drives have since been removed due to spurious copyright claims, which at the time meant deleting videos rather than demonetising. So, instead here’s a look at Hawaii.

As a journalist and content creator, this was a transnational time for me. Publishers wanted my content to be less ‘bedroom’ and more produced. That started a change in direction for many years, be it for better or worse. But in recent months with the live streaming on my Twitch channel  I feel like it has all come full circle. I’m back to just enjoying the game and inviting you all along for the ride.

So, follow on Twitch and join me in the coming months when we start this journey all over again. Diving into Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, I don’t know what’s in store but given the huge progress from Kylotonn over the past few years, I’m expecting something very special. A world rich with detail, dynamic handling even better than WRC 9, weather and vast 1:1 terrain. Everything feels like it has built to this point and I can’t wait to share the culmination of that decade long journey through automotive gaming.

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