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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Game: Forza Motorsport (2023)

Platform: PC, XBox Series X

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: Spring 2023

Despite its 5 year hiatus Forza Motorsport is still one of the biggest names in automotive gaming. Helped in-part by the continued success of its cohort Forza Horizon. However, it has been over a decade since Forza Motorsport truly shone at is best. Failures to replicate an authentic physics model have held the franchise back. Of course, from an exterior perspective you might barely notice, with the announcement of new car brands, professional marketing and esports competitions with powerful licenses. All must be well then? Well, no, eventually these physics issues will catch up and every now and then a game requires an overhaul, and that is where we find ourselves.

5 years since the previous release, no longer FM8, this is Forza Motorsport, a new envisioning from the ground up. So, with that in mind I look forward to the latest presentation with great enthusiasm and the potential that is represents.

Ok, so I didn’t say much after the presentation, my disappointment was palpable. Not only did this presentation miss the mark, it also wasn’t terribly impressive. I went back and watched it in full quality, then poured over the latest official screen shots. Time to gather my thoughts. At this point I admit to a feeling of anxiety, I know that my take isn’t a positive one, I know that my feedback will cause fanboy rage and I know that Microsoft/Xbox/Turn10 may take offence to my experience and feedback being of a highly critical nature. Initially holding back the video for a few days, I was unsure if it was even worth the battle of making it public. The collateral damage on all sides. But at some point you have to go with your feelings and just get it out there.

I hope all of this has given Turn 10 some food for thought and look forward to future presentations providing some further details on those physics improvements, of course failure here could determine the future of the franchise permanently and we all hope that FM sets the franchise back on the on the right path.

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