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Alan Boiston

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MX Vs ATV is one of those brands that fans consistently support. It garnered a loyal following based on past iterations and at its core there is always a fun racing game to enjoy. Often there is a similar trait of somewhat dated graphics combined with arcade elements. Moving onto MX Vs ATV Legends and it appears to be more of the same, some fun gameplay, graphics that are sometimes dated, sometimes featuring decent lighting and textures, a mixed bag.

You can check out my review impression on the video below. This tests the Xbox Series X version and goes through a rather brief top line review highlighting a few core strengths and weaknesses. Suffice to say there is fun to be had if you’re a fan of the genre or franchise, however the game does a feature a range of bugs and issues that need to be smoothed out while the UI and navigational experience is dated at best. One purely for fans of the genre.

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Our Review

6 /10

The good

Fun gameplay.

ATV’s and UTV’s work well.

Some great courses and variety.

The bad

Lading times unacceptable.

Boring clunky presentation.

No replays.


MX Vs ATV is the same as you would usually expect, a fun basic game. But the game feels rough around the edges, lacking in development time and could do with a whole technology and artistic upgrade across the board. One for fans, for everyone else, perhaps better to wait for the budget release.

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