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    Last week we saw the world reveal of the much-anticipated Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer. As a huge fan of the original I’ve been looking forward to this film with some trepidation. Especially given the dreadful reboot in 2016 which completely failed in every area. Ghostbusters 3 has been in the Hollywood oven for years, never making any progress until recently.

    Watching the trailer, I felt hugely disappointed after the first 30 sections, the look, the feel, the dialog the characters, the locations. None of it was there, instead we saw a trailer that wanted to have an 80’s feel, set in modern day but confused as to the source material. On the one hand you have Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things fame making it feel like, well, Stranger things. While some scenes felt like the Goonies, others more like Weird Space, Explorers and The Gate.

    Ghostbusters was an adult film, it was too scary for kids and when I first saw the lady in the library, wow shocking and terrifying. It was a film laced with adult humour, it was edgy, naughty and wouldn’t be allowed by today’s standards. Ghostbusters 2 changed the vibe, but it was still a film essentially about four guys doing their bit to save the world.

    Roll on the Afterlife trailer, nothing hits the mark. The kids handle the proton packs like they weigh nothing while the blast from the streams was fun and easy to handle. Both aspects were tough for grown men in the previous films. Finally, we see what look more like a CGI Ecto 1 racing around, driven by kids better than an F1 driver. It felt like many modern movies, the scrip won’t be snappy or full of innuendo’s but it will draw on nostalgia and token appearance from the original cast and ghosts. Just like Star Wars it will generate solid box office through hype alone but there was no soul to this, the story of Egon’s son is clichéd. One for the Strange Things generation it seems. What are your thoughts?

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    Ghostbusters, much like many films of its era, is in a strange place when it comes to demographics.
    Aimed at adults. But when it cames to merchandising, it was pretty much all aimed at kids (toys, cartoons, lunchboxes, etc).
    And I doubt there’s any escaping that. It a franchise expected to be for all ages now.

    There’s also a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” aspect.
    Even if they were to try making a movie akin to the original, what are the chances it would live up to the standards people have.
    But if they try something different, people might dismiss it as not standing for the original.
    The easiest way is to just not play. But alas, what’s old is new. And why try something actually new when you have an IP to exploit.

    However, that doesn’t mean a good movie can’t come out of this.
    And I liked the trailer. Not blown away, but its okay.
    The base set up does seem very cliché. But I do enjoy the air of wonder and discovery.

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