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News Weekly Racing News Episode 1: Senna in GT6, Ken Block joins NFS


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Welcome to the first in our new weekly video round-up of all the latest racing game news and our own feature content floating around the TeamVVV website. 

It's been quite congested in the world of racing games with high profile titles still being prepped for release, but we've got everything covered. Hot topics in episode 1 include the uncermenious delay of DriveClub, Ken Block leaving Codemasters for Need for Speed  and the surprise announcement that Ayrton Senna content is coming to Gran Turismo 6.

// for the audio issues – rest assured this will be rectified in future videos. 

I'll be back next time for another round-up. In the meantime, here's a summary of everything covered in episode 1:

DriveClub interview part 1: /features/driveclub-interview-part-one-connecting-the-community/ 

F1 2013 review: /reviews/f1-2013-review/ 

NFS Rivals exclusive gameplay: /news/need-for-speed-rivals-exclusive-rapid-response-hands-on-gameplay/ 

DriveClub delayed: /news/sony-confirms-driveclub-delay/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Top Gear test track screenshots: /news/top-gear-test-track-shown-off-in-latest-forza-motorsport-5-screenshots/ 

Forza 5 Showroom update: /news/forza-motorsport-5-showroom-update-week-5/ 

Forza 5 direct feed gameplay: /news/forza-motorsport-5-direct-feed-gameplay-thrashing-a-ferrari-f12-around-spa-francorchamps/ 

Xbox 360 wheels won’t work on Xbox One: /news/microsoft-confirms-xbox-360-wheels-arent-compatible-with-the-xbox-one/ 

rFactor 2 Loch Drummond released: /news/loch-drummond-track-released-for-rfactor-2/ 

Angry Birds Go announced: /news/drive-angry-angry-birds-goes-kart-racing-in-free-spin-off/ 

Need for Speed AllDrive trailer: /news/need-for-speed-rivals-alldrive-feature-showcased-in-latest-gameplay-trailer/ 

Real Racing 3 Ferrari update: /news/ferrari-update-released-for-real-racing-3/ 

F1 2013 ‘90s classic content: /news/classic-90s-content-now-available-for-f1-2013/ 

NASCAR ’14 announced: /news/nascar-14-confirmed-by-eutechnyx-for-2014-release/ 

iRacing Bathurst: /news/bathurst-coming-soon-to-iracing-in-new-build/ 

Ken Block Need for Speed partnership: /news/ken-block-partners-with-need-for-speed-as-racing-advisor/ 

Ayrton Senna in Gran TUrismo 6: /news/ayrton-senna-related-content-in-the-pipelines-for-gran-turismo-6/ 

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