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News NASCAR ’14 confirmed by Eutechnyx for 2014 release


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Eutechnyx has revealed the first initial feature of next year's officially licenced NASCAR game.

Appropriately christened by the UK-based game developer as 'NASCAR '14', the new game of America's most popular spectator sport will feature all of the drivers, cars and tracks in next year's Sprint Cup championship, as well as allowing players to relive key moments in the sport's recent history through the game's 'NASCAR Highlights' mode (a mode that's been recycled from this year's NASCAR game).

More interestingly perhaps is the ability for players in NASCAR '14's career mode to "build your own car" (though we doubt in a literal sense – you'll most likely be able to choose which one of the 'Gen 6' chassis will underpin your stock car) and get sponsors on your side a la Race Driver: GRiD and Grid 2.

To top it all off, 16-player matchmaking modes will be available in the online multiplayer section of the game, along with the rather vague, non-specific announcement of tournaments also being featured.

Eutechnyx expects NASCAR '14 to go on sale in "early 2014", for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (surprising as it may seem, there was no mention of versions for the PC and next-gen consoles). No prices or official renderings have been release so far, though – using the US market's $49.99 RRP as a guide – it's likely the finished game will retail in the UK for approx. £44.99.

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