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Game: F1 2013

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 04/10/2013

Codemasters' decision to split F1 2013 in two different flavours wasn't very well received by its fanbase. Buying the standard version of F1 2013 granted you access to a handful of classic '80s cars, drivers and tracks, but if you wanted the complete set of '80s content and its matching '90s content, you had to fork out extra for the F1 2013 Classic Edition which bundled both packs.

Considering how much Codemasters' have flaunted the long-requested classic content, you can't blame passionate players for feeling duped – particularly when the content on offer is somewhat slender, which was one of our main criticisms in our F1 2013 review.

On the other hand, perhaps we should cut Codemasters some slack – these prestigious licenses couldn't have come cheap, so you can understand why they felt the need ot charge extra for the privilidge.

Since F1 2013 was released earlier this month, the '90s content has been held back after Codemasters announced that existing owners will be able to purchase it separately via DLC packs on an unspecified date. Fortunately, that date happens to be today – the additional '90s classic content is available to download right now on PSN, XBLA and Steam in two separate packs containing the following:


F1 2013: F1 Classics: 1990s Pack (£6.49)

1992 Ferrari F92 A

Team Legend: Ivan Capelli

1992 Williams FW14B

Team Legend: David Coulthard

1996 Ferrari F310

Team Legend: Gerhard Berger

1996 Williams FW18

Original Driver: Jacques Villeneuve

1999 Ferrari F399

Team Legend: Jody Scheckter

1999 Williams FW21

Team Legend: Alain Prost


F1 2013: F1 Classics Tracks Pack (£6.49)
– former host of the San Marino GRAND PRIXTM
Estoril – former home of the Portuguese GRAND PRIX

A pretty pricey package all-in-all, but F1 completists will likely lap it all up. 

Will you be taking the plunge with the F1 2013 '90s content? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on our forum

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