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This week's news round-up video was an information overload on The Crew, as Ubisoft finally broke the silence surrounding their ambitious open world next generation racer, confirming it will be released this Autumn on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Alan and I both managed to get a hands-on with The Crew recently, and it's safe to say we're suitably impressed by what we saw. Alan's got everything covered in his preview event video, while I've been busy compiling a comprehensive hands-on report which will be posted on the site soon. While that's in progress, I posted a few snippets from the report detailing some of key aspects and most interesting tibits I learnt during my hands-on, such as how The Crew's humungous map dwarfs all other open world driving games and why its RPG elements make The Crew the Pokemon of car games

Elsewhere, after a raft of recycled car DLC packs, Forza 5 was bestowed with a free track add-on in the form of the Long Beach circuit which was most welcome considering Forza 5's distinct lack of tracks compared to Forza 4.

More DriveClub developments surfaced, as Dell claimed the yet-to-be-announced release date for the PS4's racer missing in action as June 15th, conveniently right after E3. 

Meanwhile, we had some more screenshots for Milestone's MotoGP '14, a peek at some upcoming iRacing track content and a new manufacturer acquisition for Assetto Corsa.

All this and more can be found in this week's video news round-up we've got embedded for you below. As always, links to all articles discussed in the video can also be found below.


‘The Crew cruising onto consoles and PC Autumn 2014, new gameplay trailer released: /news/the-crew-cruising-onto-consoles-and-pc-autumn-2014-new-gameplay-trailer-released/

The Crew's open world is bigger than GTA V, Red Dead, Forza Horizon, NFS Rivals & more combined: /news/the-crews-open-world-is-bigger-than-gta-v-red-dead-forza-horizon-nfs-rivals-more-combined/

CaRPG: Why The Crew is the Pokémon of car games: /features/carpg-why-the-crew-is-the-pokemon-of-car-games/

The Crew exclusive preview event gameplay: /news/the-crew-exclusive-preview-event-gameplay/

Long Beach Cicuit arriving in Forza Motorsport 5 as free DLC: /news/long-beach-cicuit-arriving-in-forza-motorsport-5-as-free-dlc/

DriveClub parking on PS4 June 12th according to Dell: /news/driveclub-parking-on-ps4-june-12th-according-to-dell/

New MotoGP '14 next-gen screenshots unveil two new tracks/news/new-motogp-14-next-gen-screenshots-unveil-two-new-tracks/

First in-game glimpse of MotoGP '14 seen at Qatar: /news/first-in-game-glimpse-of-motogp-14-seen-at-qatar/

Nissan licence secured for Assetto Corsa/news/nissan-licence-secured-for-assetto-corsa/

New Assetto Corsa WIP Spa screenshots emerge: /news/new-assetto-corsa-wip-spa-screenshots-emerge/

iRacing releases previews of upcoming Lucas Oil Raceway oval circuit/news/iracing-releases-previews-of-upcoming-lucas-oil-raceway-oval-circuit/

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV coming to World of Speed/news/alfa-romeo-giulietta-qv-coming-to-world-of-speed/

Cockpit camera confirmed for World of Speed: /news/cockpit-camera-confirmed-for-world-of-speed/

Road Redemption playable alpha version released to backers’

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