Previews Exclusive gameplay: Drive!Drive!Drive! lets you race on multiple tracks at the same time


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Drive!Drive!Drive! is a very peculiar driving game. Developed by Different Cloth, Drive!Drive!Drive! is a unique indie game where you race on multiple tracks at the same time, switching between three different cars in real-time Driver San Francisco-style. It sounds like a crazy concept, but it works. 

Indeed, the madcap gameplay is wholly addictive, as you try to micro-manage your position across the three different tracks. It doesn't have the most jaw-dropping visuals you've ever seen (don't forget this was created by a one-man team), but Drive!Drive!Drive! has a very distinct, futuristic style that looks like something out of Tron. The music composed by synth band Zombi is just as effective, creating a vibe similar to the cult film Drive starring Ryan Gosling.

Drive!Drive!Drive! also takes its cues from TrackMania Turbo, with a simplified track generator that lets you create and share your own tracks, which can then be duplicated and spun around to make for some interesting designs. It's not as advanced as TrackMania Turbo, but it's simple and intuitive to use. 

You can see Drive!Drive!Drive! in action for yourself in our exclusive gameplay footage sent to us directly from the developer. 

Drive!Drive!Drive! will be released on December 13th for PS4 and PC. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a driving game that's a bit on the qurky side. We'll also have a developer interview with further insight on the game coming shortly. 

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