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News Multi-track racer Drive!Drive!Drive! is coming to PS4 and PC in December


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Drive!Drive!Drive! might be the craziest driving game you'll play this year. 

Here's the premise: you control three cars on multiple racetracks simultaneously, with the ability to switch between each track in real time. In the developer's words, "It’s kind of a mixture of arcade racing, repeated stupidity, track management, repeated stupidity and repeated stupidity."

Drive!Drive!Drive! is also unique because it has deliberately bad AI. "Everybody is disastrously bad at driving apart from you, and you can only control one car at a time. So you must manage your cars across up to four tracks in real time to score as highly as possible, hopping between them to save them from the vicious nature of our Intelligent Stupidity™ engine."

There's also a TrackMania-esque track generator where you can create and share your own tracks, a career with 100 pre-made tracks and nine unique environments, up to four player multiplayer and four game modes including Purist, Arcade, Collection & Time Trial. 

The soundtrack by snythwave band Zombi gives the game a unique atmosphere similar to Nicolas Winding Refn's cult classic film Drive. 

Drive!Drive!Drive! is the work of Different Cloth's one-man developer Gordon Midwood and is being published by Choice Provisions. It will be released on PS4 and PC December 13th, but price details haven't been confirmed yet. A Vita version was initially planned but has been indefinitely postponed.

We'll have more to share on Drive!Drive!Drive! soon including some exclusive gameplay footage and a developer interview. 

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