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News Delivery battle game Drive-Buy release date announced


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Game: Drive-Buy

Platform: PC, Switch

Publisher: Glitchers

Release Date: 12/03/2021

The indie gaming scene appears to be booming at present with a wide range of ideas supported by unique artistic visions and ever improving development tools. This week, Glitchers, a UK based, independent developer announced what is described as a ‘delivery battler’ game entitled Drive-Buy.

We first saw Drive-Buy at EGX 2019, the game delivering fast, frantic vehicle combat against friends or online and includes cross platform play for gamers on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC. This is a great addition and should be a key focus for any indie developer to maximise their installed base, especially if that player base is spread thinly over different formats.

Glitchers describe Drive-Buy as being inspired by legendary games like Twisted Metal, Rocket League, Vigilante 8 and Mario Kart. Though I also see some Crazy Taxi and Driver in there, all buried within the fast’n furious action. Drive-Buy is positioned a short-session multiplayer vehicle combat game with a delivery twist, a mix of high-speed combat and rivalries with larger than life characters and quirky or potentially mind-bending power up combos.

“At its heart, Drive-Buy is a vehicle-based party game with intuitive, pick up & play controls, we wanted to create an experience which avoids the frustration of track-based racing games – hence a street-based delivery battler was created!” added Hugo Scott-Slade, co-founder “We want everyone to be in with a chance of winning – so even the player in last position can turn it around and steal a last-minute victory. Or they can flood the leader’s screen with emotes and emojis to get revenge”

Game Features:

• 4 Player, head-to-head Online Battles
• Seamless AI Play designed to auto fill the roster during play
• 3 game modes –
Delivery Battle – Hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with powerups found around the map. Strategic, unpredictable & full of surprises.
PayDay – Hold onto the most coins on the map whilst dodging power ups left, right & centre
Piggy Bank – Tag… with a Pig! Hold the pig to earn coins, other players hunt you down keeping the action really focused and players tight.
• Choose from 6 diverse characters with more added in each season update.
• Vehicles have unique handling and stats so make sure you pick the best for each mode.
• Find and unlock an array of Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and even Special Giftable Cosmetic Items for every character

So far so good, though there are questions over longevity and lack of variety, especially with what appears to be a limited or similar range of play areas, only played at night. We’ll ber sure to grab a hands-on a later build, Drive Buy will launch for Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC on 12th March 2021.

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