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News Watch Ken Block tear up an industrial park in Gymkhana 9


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Ken Block is at it again. After smoking the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles, this time he's torturing the tyres of his 600bhp Ford Focus RS RX rallycross car in a New York industrial park, which is the location of his the latest Gymkhana video which will no doubt rack up millions of views in a matter of days. 

Coinciding with the impending release of Forza Horizon 3 (this is the third racing game series Ken Block has partnered with following DiRT and Need for Speed), Gymkhana 9's tyre smoking tomfoolery doesn't disappoint, even if the location doesn't quite match the spectacle of the exotic locations used in previous Gymkhanas. Apparently the team originally wanted to film in Australia as they had partnered with Forza Horizon 3, but were not granted permission. 

Ken Block's superhuman car control is as impressive as ever – watching him pull off insane powerslides and doing doughnuts in spaces barely wider than the car never gets old.

Some of the stunts have to be seen to be believed: Block narrowly dodges an oncoming train and, in a nod to Forza Horizon 3 which will make sense if you've played the demo, drifts around a Ford Raptor that's suspended from a helicopter.

Is this your favourite Gymkhana extravaganza yet? Let us know in the comments below. 

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