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News Watch Ken Block burn some serious rubber in Gymkhana 7


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It's that time of year again, everyone. No, I'm not talking about the festive season, but the much anticipated arrival of the resident hoonigan Ken Block's latest automotive shenanigans in Gymkhana 7, where tyres are tortured for the sake of entertainment and shownmanship.

Not content with smoking the streets of San Francisco, this time he tears up the tarmac in Los Angeles with a monstrously modified Mustang boasting an insane 845 bhp. Fun fact: it's the only all-wheel-drive variant in existence created specifically for the video to commemorate the mighty Mustang's 50th anniversary.

It's safe to say he burns some serious rubber in style over the course of the epic 12 minute running time. All the hallmarks are here: there's preposterous powerslides only Block could pull off that would make Tiff Needell envious, syncronised drifting under moving objects (in this case a hydraulic low rider) and of course copious amounts of doughnuts. Speaking of which – doing doughnuts around a dougnut shop? Inspired.

Is it the best Gymkhana yet? Quite possibly. It's certainly the most ambitious performance yet since Gymkhana 5's San Francisco skit, and the god-like car control display still manages to make you gasp in awe despite the fact we've mostly seen it all before. Decide for yourself by watching the full 12 minute and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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