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News Watch Ken Block smoke the streets of San Francisco in Gymkhana 5


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As promised, renowned hoonigan Ken Block has delivered his much anticipated Gymkhana 5 video, which sees him and his faithful Fiesta tear up the streets of San Francisco in a plethora of smoke and tyre treads. In his words, San Francisco is the "ultimate urban playground", and from watching the 9 minute video, which was filmed over 4 days, in absolute awe, it's hard to disagree. 

All the hallmarks we've come to expect are firmly in place: preposterous powerslides around tight turns? Check. Smoke-filled slow-mo shots? Check. Daring doughnuts around moving vehicles? Oh yes, now with trams not to be outdone. Of course, this being San Francisco there had to be a few obligatory hill jumps thrown in for good measure, too. 

It's certainly a more back-to-basics effort, with more sideways action and less gorillas compared to Gymkhana 4, which was criticised for being too 'Hollywood.' Steve McQueen himself would surely be proud. 

Is this the greatest car film set in San Francisco since Bullitt? Sound off in the comments below, or leave us a message on our Facebook page

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