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Oh dear. A while back we reported on the disappointing news that Top Gear fans will be deprived of their dosage of Clarkson, Hammond and May's motoring shenanigans for a rather long while thanks to a certain ratings-hogging talent show that's woefully devoid of such 'talent'.

We therefore took solace in the fact that a Christmas special was still on the cards for this year, acting as a precursor for the new series as per previous years.

Sadly, this will no longer be the case according to a recent Tweet by Clarkson himself. Turns out the Christmas special has indeed begun filming, but will not be airing until February:

Well people here we go. Warm clothes and thick boots packed. We leave in two hours to start the Top Gear Christmas Special. Airs in February.

I know February isn’t Christmas. But it is our Christmas special. And it will be shown in February. Don’t ask me why.

Boo BBC!

The news comes shortly after the recent announcement that the Top Gear trio have renewed their contracts for another three years, so we can at least be rest assured that there's plenty of Top Gear content on the horizon.

The Top Gear Christmas special is traditionally an extended road trip that attempts to up the ante with each passing year. Last year saw the boys attempt to rescue the British economy through trade promotion in India. It was a bit pants in all honesty, though, especially when compared compared to their previous effort in which they traversed through the Middle East en-route to Bethlehem. Anyone want to hazard a guess where they will be heading this year?

How will you survive another four months without any new Top Gear? Don't forget there's always the endless repeats on Dave, of course, but I'll be remedying my withdraw by attending this year's Top Gear Live show later this month. Did I happen to mention it will be the seventh consecutive year I've been? That doesn't scream "fanboy" at all, right?

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