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Right on cue after the long-awaited Clarkson, Hammond and May's Amazon Prime show name reveal, the BBC have confirmed the start date for this year's Top Gear reboot: set your calendars for Sunday May 29th. That's just under three weeks away, so not too long to wait. It was originally meant to air at the start of this month, but was delayed because of fears it would clash with the ratings juggernaught that is the Britain's Got Talent finals. 

Top Gear art with Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc, the Stig, Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris and Rory Reid stood behind an explosion of cars

The trailer mostly consists of footage we've seen before in the first trailer: there's the Aston Martin Vulcan being thrashed around the Abu Dhabi GP, Jensen Button in an out of control McLaren 675 LT and Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc battling it out in a Corvette and Viper ACR. There are a few new snippets to savour however, including some new clips of a very angry-looking Sabine at the wheel. 

Predictably, the trailer hasn't been very well received so far. At the time of rating, the video has accumulated over 7000 dislikes and around 3000 likes.

The jury's still out whether or not the all-new Top Gear can live up to the standard set in its previous incarnation, but in all honesty I'd rather see it drive in a new direction, particularly as we have Clarkson, Hammond and May's Grand Tour to look forward to this year which promises to be more of the same but on a bigger budget.

Who knows, the new Top Gear might still be entertaining in its own right without Clarkson, Hammond and May. We don't have long to wait to find out.  

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