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News The Crew to get improved sound, handling and UI


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

The highlights of the The Crew's upcoming updates for most will be the addition of the new vehicles and specs such as the monster trucks, bikes and dragsters from the Wild Run expansion along with the updated graphics and wet weather conditions available to everyone.

However, fans should also get themselves excited for other more fundamental changes coming to The Crew this November. Not only will The Crew be getting all these great updates listed above but Ivory Tower have also announced the open-world racer will also receive updates in sound, handling and the user interface will be getting a tweak too.

Ivory Tower state that engine sounds for every car featured in the game will have been reworked. The new engine sounds are said to be “more precise and more present”. This will no doubt come as great news to players as the game was criticised for having a lack of variety in sounds from one car to the next.

The cars handling model will also receive attention. All cars will benefit from enhanced aerodynamics and the tyre model will be getting a tune too which should make for an improved driving experience. Furthermore, the game User Interface (UI) will be getting some tweaks here and there all in the name of making it clearer and more user friendly.

Finally, Ivory Tower will be re-introducing the close follow (chase) cam which was replaced in the patch from March. It will return as an additional viewpoint the development team confirms. 

Let us know which of all the new updates you feel the game will benefit from the most.

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