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News Dynamic Weather confirmed for The Crew, free for everyone


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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

Developer Ivory Tower have confirmed that dynamic weather will be coming to the massive open-world “carpg” racer The Crew.

We recently got a short glimpse at The Crew's wet weather effects in The Crew's Wild Run expansion trailer although it was not clear just how the wet weather would be implemented until now. Ivory Tower have confirmed the dynamic weather will be included with the launch of The Crew's “Wild Run” expansion, due out later this year on November 17.

Thankfully you will not have to purchase the Wild Run expansion to get dynamic weather, as it will be free for everyone. The dynamic weather includes conditions such as sunny, rainy with wet roads and then sunny again with drying roads, no mention of snow, thunder and lighting or any other weather conditions have yet been stated.

The new weather effects have been confirmed to be included in free ride mode as well as in missions and PVP events. The wet roads will of course affect the handling of all vehicles so expect to be sliding around like never before. Finally, Ivory Tower have confirmed the additon of working windscreen wipers which should add to the game's immersion factor (now if only we had functioning rear view mirrors!).

All going well, we should have some The Crew: Wild Run footage to share with you guys from the Gamescom show floor very shortly. For now why not check out one of our The Crew videos below.

Does the thought of dynamic weather in The Crew excite you?

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