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News The Crew 2 delayed until 2018 fiscal year


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The release of the upcoming open-world racing game The Crew 2 has been postponed, publisher Ubisoft has confirmed.

Originally slated for launch on 16th March 2018, The Crew 2 will now go on sale sometime during the first half of the 2018 fiscal year. As a result, The Crew 2 will be released sometime between April and September 2018.

In a separate statement, Ubisoft confirmed The Crew 2 developer Ivory Tower will use the extra development time to "perform additional playtests, gather player feedback, and continue working towards delivering an ambitious open-world racing experience that meets the team’s and our players’ expectations".

Despite the delay announcement, registrations for The Crew 2's beta are still open on the official The Crew 2 website. It's still unknown, however, when beta testing for the game will commence.

In conjunction with the The Crew 2 delay, Ubisoft also confirmed the postponent of other in-development titles. The open-world shooter Far Cry 5's launch has now been pushed back by a month to 27th March 2018, and a currently unannounced title previously scheduled for a 2018-19 fiscal year release is now reassigned to the following financial year.

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