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News Team VVV Podcast 37: iRacing, Project CARS 2, GT Sport


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Welcome to another episode of the Team VVV Video Podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles. 

In our most recent episode, we share our thoughts on the newly released iRacing dirt content, which adds an assortment of dirt tracks and vehicles to the subscription-based PC racer. As one of our most anticipated racing games of 2017, Project CARS 2 also inevitably gets brought up in the discussion following the revelation that the team has "absolutely cracked" the handling according to former Stig Ben Collins and the reveal that four generations of the Nissan Skyline will feature in the game

There was also good and bad news for bike racing game fans. The good news is that manual scrubs have finally been added to MXGP 3. The bad news is the game has been delayed until the end of May. We also still can't get enough of those gorgeous Gran Turismo Sport GIFs and discuss what the next Need for Speed needs to do to reestablish its identity

Thanks as always for listening and don't forget to keep sending us your questions for the weekly Q&A.

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