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News MXGP3 gets manual scrubs & updated release date


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Those of you that are waiting patiently for for the third installment in the MXGP series will have to wait just a little longer thanks to the new release date of May 30. The extra development time for the upcoming official motocross title will afford developer Milestone to add additional polish.

Fans have long complained with the “canned animations” of scrubs in previous MXGP titles and Milestone have certainly been listening as they are now adding additional scrub control.

According to the development team, with MXGP3 you can now manually complete scrubs (using the analogue sticks as before). This means that you can decide when to finish the scrub rather than having to wait for the animation to play out. Hopefully this will mean no more face plants when performing scrubs over jumps that were not high enough which is great news. You can see the manual scrubs for yourself in the gameplay video below.

MXGP 3 will see the inclusion of dynamic weather for the first time in the series thanks to the shift over to the Unreal Engine 4. The effects are not just cosmetic either, rain will affect grip levels and reduce visibility. Sudden downpours will apparently change the way you need to approach the race which should add a new level of challenge.

MXGP 3 will feature larger crowds of spectators than we've seen in previous titles, track surface deformation will be improved too as will the general graphical and audio fidelity thanks to the new engine.

MXGP 3 will feature a career mode complete with the usual array of customisation options. The title features all the official MXGP and MX2 riders of 2016 along with all the official tracks including the MxoN which can be raced both online and offline.

MXGP 3 will release for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 30 in Europe and June 20 for those living in the US.

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