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News Slightly Mad Studios announces new MMO racing game World of Speed


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Game: World of Speed

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Ideasoft Interactive

Release Date: 22/08/2017

Slightly Mad Studios has pulled the wraps off its latest racing game project: the free-to-play MMO title called 'World of Speed'.

Contrasting heavily with Project CARS, Slightly Mad's much-anticipated rival to the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport franchises, World of Speed is described in the official statement as a "free-to-compete AAA massively multiplayer online action-racing game", with similar emphasis community features to other social-centric racing games like the Test Drive: Unlimited titles, as well as the upcoming racing games The Crew and Drive Club.

Much like those titles, World of Speed focuses on a "new level of connected competition", where "completing team-based objectives determines the victor". Beyond being rewarded for securing wins and podium finishes, players are also able to add to their club's overall ranking through on-track activities such as drifting.

Unlike the aforementioned racers, however, World of Speed isn't an open world game. Instead, the MMO's racing action takes place entirely on the track, whether it's the licenced likenesses of real-world tracks such as Brands Hatch, to fictional street circuits in London and Moscow.

Whilst no details of the game's economy or micro-transactions were mentioned in the release document, Slightly Mad Studios is keen to stress the point that all the content that'll be offered in the game is available to everyone, going as far to say "in World of Speed you’ll be able to download the game, log in and compete in all levels of competition without ever spending a penny".

More content will also be added to World of Speed throughout its lifetime, with the developer going as far to say that items such as new cars, racing locations, event types and "much, much more" will be featured in the MMO's regular updates "for years to come".

Slightly Mad Studios assures in the announcement that more details about World of Speed will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, along with information of the eventual beta for the free-to-play game.

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