Quad bike racer ATV Renegades coming to Xbox One & PS4 on March 14 - Team VVV

News Quad bike racer ATV Renegades coming to Xbox One & PS4 on March 14


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We've not long discovered our first racing game of 2017 with a release date thanks to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and here's the second: (that you probably didn't know about) ATV Renegades.

atv renegades xbox one ps4 quad bike racing gameIndie developer Nighthawk Interactive will release ATV Renegades on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on March 14. Details are very thin on the ground right now, however we do know that the quad bike racer will see you globe trotting and stopping off at 24 locations including USA, Thailand, England, Russia, Canada and Mexico.

Nitro charges are included in the title which should help you to boost your way to the front of the pack, and you'll be expected to negotiate some rough terrain including those obligatory jumps which will give you an opportunity to pull dozens of mid-air tricks. Looking at the screenshots in the gallery below, we can also confirm that split-screen local multiplayer is featured.

We'll bring you more on ATV Renegades as we get ever closer to launch.

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