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News Online car shooter Metal Carnage releases on Steam


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Following its initial release on Steam Early Access (back then under the name of MOTORGUN) some two months ago, the full version of Metal Carnage has now been released on Steam, earlier than expected, for £5.94.

metal carnage online vehicular combat car cel shaded pc steam The game is set in the not too distant future where natural resources are scarce and the world is run by private corporations who battle it out for ownership of these precious resources. Corporations hire soldiers with, you guessed it, armoured vehicles in order to gather the aforementioned goodies.

Metal Carnage, which looks remarkably similar to upcoming vehicular combat title Auto Age: Standoff, is developed by Russian indie studio Playvision is best described as an online-focused car-based shooter. The action consists of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch rounds each allowing up to 10 players to get in on the gameplay across six environments.

Both vehicles and weapons are cutomisable, and you can install a range of different damage delivering offerings to a choice of 20 vehicles and change out armour, spoilers, bumpers and other parts to your heart's content. You can view Metal Carnage in action in the trailer below. 


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