Car combat title MOTORGUN tears onto Steam Early Access - Team VVV

News Car combat title MOTORGUN tears onto Steam Early Access


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MOTORGUN, by Russian indie development team Playvision, is a fast-paced vehicular combat game which has just emerged on Steam Early Access.

MOTORGUN features deathmatch and team deathmatch modes across 6 maps and you'll have a choice of 20 vehicles which are said to be based off of real world examples.

You can view some work in progress footage of MOTORGUN from the recent open beta below.

Weapons are customisable and you can expect to get your hands on flamethrowers, machine guns and lasers and more with the goal of dealing maximum damage to your foes.

Vehicles too are customisable with weapons, armour, spoilers, bumpers and more interchangeable. You can also alter your vehicle's appearance with a choice of different prints at your disposal including old classics like flames, skulls and blood stains.

Playvision expect MOTOGUN to remain in Early Access for around 6-9 months.

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