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News Officially licensed F1 Trading Card Game now available on iOS Store


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The first ever licensed Formula One trading card game on mobile devices has been released on the iOS Store – with an Android version set to be launched next month.

Developed by the trading card game specialist VirtTrade, the aptly-named 'F1 Trading Card Game' is a free-to-play mobile title, with players being able to earn cards through in-game activities or purchasing them with real money.

All of the cards will focus on cars, teams, drivers, circuits and even pit crews from Formula One, with new cards being introduced to the F1 Trading Card Game in future updates. Duplicate cards can also be used to create "all-powerful" and rare Fusion cards.

Players will use these cards to form a deck, which they'll then use to compete with against other users. Befitting of the Formula One license, F1 Trading Card Game's head-to-head contests consist of races on race tracks from the FIA Formula One World Championship – with players earning XP they can use to "advance their career".

More motorsport-derived attributes come in the form of the 'Pit Lane' functionality, which acts as a social hub of sorts where players can trade cards with each other. Head-to-head challenges against other players can also be instigated in F1 Trading Card Game's Pit Lane.

F1 Trading Card Game is available to download and install for free from the iOS Store. An Android-compatible version is scheduled for release sometime in July 2018, though a more specific date hasn't been disclosed by VirtTrade at time of writing.

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