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News Zynga Celebrates Bugatti’s 110th Anniversary with Special CSR Racing 2 Event Series


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Zynga Inc., a global leader in interactive entertainment, is launching an event series in partnership with car manufacturer Bugatti in the free-to-play mobile racer, CSR Racing 2 (CSR2).

The event series (celebrating Bugatti’s 110th anniversary) will give players the opportunity to collect and compete with the world’s most powerful and exclusive hyper sports cars in the hit mobile game.

The series showcases 24 different Bugatti cars, three of which are available exclusively in CSR2. Players can view the cars in augmented reality, allowing you to sit in the driver’s seat of some of the most desirable hyper sports cars around. Seven different events will feature over an eight-week period and will be highlighted in a continued beta version of CSR2’s new player-versus-player feature, Showdown.

Every aspect of the 24 Bugatti models has been meticulously recreated in CSR2 to mirror the real counterpart. Players can explore the cars by tapping special points to trigger various animations, allowing them to open doors, pop the bonnets, inspect the engine bays, extend the spoilers and more.

CSR2 Bugatti Exclusives:

  • Chiron Super Sport 300: the first series production car to break the magical 300 miles per hour barrier
  • La Voiture Noire: a one-off one grand tourisme masterpiece
  • Centodieci: the newly released homage to the original modern-day super sports car, EB110


Bugatti is one of the most iconic and revered car manufacturers in the world, and we are truly honored to celebrate such an important milestone with them,” said Julian Widdows, Vice President of CSR2. “Our team worked tirelessly to make sure everything from the cars’ sleek forms to their powerful engines is authentically represented in the game. This is the closest an aficionado can come to owning a Bugatti without actually buying one.”

Interactive entertainment is a main driver for today’s young generation’s enthusiasm for cars and a great way to stay in touch with fans around the world,” said Bugatti President, Stephan Winkelmann. “We are very excited that through this partnership, our enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience all of our latest exclusive Bugatti hyper sports cars in CSR2.

CSR2 is available to download for free on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

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