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Game: Wreckfest

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bugbear Entertainment, THQ Nordic

Release Date: 27/08/2019 (PS4 & XONE)

The figure of 8 track is a staple circuit in the demolition derby scene, filled with crossovers deliberately placed to maximise the wanton destruction on display. Watching daredevil drivers barely scrape though is nail-biting, and the inevitable accidents are crowd-pleasingly brutal.

Naturally, then, figure of 8 tracks are obligatory when it comes to demolition derby racing games – ask anyone who played the original Destruction Derby, and they will instantly recall the 'CrossOver' track. More recently, the figure of 8 track used in GRiD's demolition derby mode proved popular, and was later re-added in Grid 2 due to popular demand. 

And now the figure of 8 has been brought back in Next Car Game in its latest Steam Early Access update, BugBear's attempt to revitalise the retired demolition derby genre. Grid's figure of 8 was fun, but Next Car Game cranks up the carnage to ludicrous levels thanks to the suicidal drivers that make up 24 car race, and the narrow nature of the track that only elevates the mass carnage.   

Watch as all hell breaks loose in our hands-on gameplay videos as I once again attempt to survive a race in one piece amid the chaos. 


Not to feel left out, Alan also had an appetite for destruction – after testing out all those serious-sim racers lately, some wanton destruction was surprisingly refreshing. Here we see him having a bash at Next Car Game in his supreme racing rig, complete with a racing wheel, triple screens and one mighty powerful PC.



All-in-all, the figure of 8’s's riotous racing was addicting, and another indication that Next Car Game deserves all the recognition it can get. It's certainly encouraging when a game that's still in its early alpha phase looks and plays this well, and it can only get better from here. BugBear have permission to spit in the face of every publisher that said this would never sell.      

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