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News Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 coming to iOS and Android devices this summer


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The latest entry in the Motorsport Manager series has been announced, ahead of its release on mobile devices later this year.

Set to be launched on iOS and Android devices during the summer of 2018, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 has the potential to be the most comprehensive mobile entry in the series to date.

As well as traditional single seater series, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 also contains GT and endurance racing  – with the latter's timed races providing players the "ultimate strategic challenge".

More management systems are making their debut in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, too. Players will now be able to factor energy recovery system use into their race strategies, with votes on regulation changes, building up supplier networks and ensuring the drivers have good working relationships with their race mechanics also being aspects that need to be kept on top of.

Perhaps the headline addition to Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, though, is the new Monaco street circuit. As well as being "the ultimate test" for driver and manager in the game, the Monaco track has also one of the prime showcases of Motorsport Manager Mobile 3's "beautiful, detailed new art style".

More details and the definitive release date for Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 are anticipated to be disclosed soon.

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