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News LaFerrari dropping into DriveClub this month


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

DriveClub remains the gift that keeps on giving. Each month we look forward to new helpings of car content introducing new manufacturers and obscurities, and this month will be no exception, with monthly content updates scheduled up until July. While we wait to find out what's in store in April's car pack Evolution have revealed a surprise new free download to be released later this month that will certainly please Ferrari fanatics: get ready to drive the lustful LaFerrari in DriveClub. Being the fastest Ferrari ever made, it's unsurprisingly the most requested prancing horse to be added to DriveClub, particularly as it's frequently appearing in current racing games. You can't say Evolution don't listen to fan feedback. 

The LaFerrari will be added to DriveClub in the forthcoming V1.14 update, due to be released later this month. There is a slight catch, however – you have to reach level 5 of the "Ferrari Owners Club" Driver Accolade in order to access it. It's unclear whether or not the LaFerrari counts as April's free download car, but  the restriction makes us wonder if another will be available, especially as we've traditionally seen more radical cars released as freebies such as concept cars. 

You can see the LaFerrari in action in DriveClub in another of Evolution's stirring trailers showcasing DriveClub at its most visually stunning, with its weather effects in full force. After the rousing Lamborghini trailer, it's safe to say that Evolution are very, very good at making trailers that send shivers down your spine.

You've got to love the sound of that thunderous V12 engine, which has been captured perfectly in DriveClub. Phowar

The LaFerrari has featured in several current racing games lately. It first debuted in Forza Motorsport 5 to considerable fanfare, before appearing in Assetto Corsa and The Crew, not to mention Forza Horizon 2. Still, the fact it will feature in DriveClub may not induce the bragging rights it once did, but it's still a very worthy addition to a game that aims to feature the cream of the crop when it comes to supercars. Good job once again, Evolution. 

Could the LaFerrari be paving the way for the rumoured Italy track location? No doubt we'll find out when update 1.14 rolls out later this month. 

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