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News Infiniti becomes Red Bull Racing’s main sponsor


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Infiniti – the luxury Japanese car maker – has just announced an extension of its partnership with the hugely successful Red Bull Racing Formula One team.

As part of the collaboration, Infiniti has become the main title sponsor of the Red Bull outfit, and will be so for the next four years.

The new agreement also means Infiniti has acquired the naming rights, so the Milton Keynes-based team will officially be known next year as 'Infiniti Red Bull Racing'.

This extended contract, though, isn't just a purely promotional one – as it declared when it first paired up with Red Bull in 2011, the agreement is far more than simply associating the brand with one of the top teams in the sport.

As part of the official press release, Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey declared that the partnership with Infiniti "gives us a great platform for working together on technical

projects, such as the Energy Recovery Systems for the 2014 season".

From a technical standing, this would be beneficial to Red Bull as well as Infiniti – not only would Red Bull have a partner to develop this technology with, but Infiniti could transfer it to its road cars.

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Car (Left) and Infiniti FX50 'Sebastian Vettel Edition' (Right)

This is especially as Infiniti is not only delving into hybrid powertrains, but it's also allegedly developing a petrol-electric sports car that utilises an energy recovery system – similar to the KERS device used in F1 – as teased by the Emerge-e concept car it revealed this year.

Infiniti also isn't a stranger to working with Red Bull, Adrian Newey and the team's drivers. Just recently, Infiniti launches a limited-run 'Vettel Edition' version of its FX sports utility vehicle, which featured cosmetic and performance upgrades as chosen by Sebastian Vettel himself.

How far this partnership will go, though, remains to be truly seen – the only real result of the previous deal was the aforementioned FX Vettel Edition. However, it seems we're assured that the pairing will go far deeper from a technological standing.

And, with Coca-Cola announcing it has big plans for its sponsorship deal with the Lotus team, it seems that we could see a far more active rejuvenation from some of the sport's key sponsors.

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