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Red Bull's status as the most prominent softs drink company in Formula One may soon be short lived, as Coca-Cola has just announced that it'll entering the fabled sport

However, don't expect to see the beverage-making giant debut in the sport as a team owner, as it's understood that the proposal is purely for sponsorship purposes only.

And the team in question? It's Lotus F1.

In a recent announcement, Coca-Cola has declared that the Burn energy drink – one of the many products in The Coca-Cola Company's gargantuan portfolio – will be promoted on Kimi Raikkonen's and (if he's indeed been retained for next year) Romain Grosjean's cars.

Whilst Burn isn't the first energy drink to find its way into Formula One – TNT, Monster and Red Bull have all had a go at slapping their names on F1 cars – it's said that the promotional partnership will differ from the norm.

In an official statement, Burn states that it intends to use "art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional F1 sponsorship", and will officially reveal its advertisement plans next year when the agreement officially starts.

Pretty bold claims, then. Looks like there's one more reason to add to the metaphorical "Why you should keep a really close eye on Lotus F1 next year" list…

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