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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Playing DriveClub now is a decidedly different experience to playing it when it launched. Back then it was broken and half-baked, but, slowly but surely, Evolution Studios have been hard at work restoring it to a more roadworthy state. Indeed, this was the game it should have been at launch: the servers now actually work as intended for the most part and the Challenges are now operational which adds a great deal of replay value, allowing you to dare fellow friends and rival clubs to beat your achievements. And now we have the long-awaited update introducing dynamic weather first revealed several months ago prior to DriveClub's launch. 

And what a spectacle it is. Not only do the weather look eye-meltingly pretty, they have a profound affect on the car handling, not to mention your visibility – suddenly you become very reliant on those corner markers you once took for granted. With options to adjust the cloud cover and precepitation, it's possible to race shrouded in darkness in the thick of a raging blizzard, which makes for some genuinely challenging, heart-in-your-mouth racing. You can also set the weather to dynamically change over the course of an event, which can result in some spectacular lightning storms. You'll be able to see how I got on in an upcoming video. 

All-in-all, I have to say DriveClub's weather effects rain all over Forza Horizon 2's from what I've seen, although that is perhaps an unfair comparison since Forza Horizon 2's open world has more to contend with than DriveClub's closed circuits and point-to-point. Nevertheless, DriveClub's weather undoubtedly sets the benchmark for future racing games to aspire to. Did I also mention that, despite all the dazzling effects on display, the framerate still remains bewilderingly solid throughout? Awe-inspiring stuff.     

But that's not the only additions bestowed in the hefty 1.4GB download. Other chief additions include two new tracks in the form of Atlanterhavsvegen in Norway and Sinclair Pass in Canada, plus support for the first paid-for premium download. Called the Redline pack, the add-on comprises of the Redline Tour Pack and the Redline Car Pack, adding 11 new Events 5 new Trophies, and 5 new cars: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Drive, McLaren F1 LM, Renault Alpine A110-50, Ferrari 458 Speciale, and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Not a bad selection, but we probably could have done without another 458. 

Further changes in the update can be found below:

New Features:

* Adds two new tracks, both including reverse variants: Atlanterhavsvegen in Norway and Sinclair Pass in Canada.


* Adds the ability to access Club Cars when offline.

* Adds track maps and stats to each track card in Single Event.

* Includes more minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks.

Add-ons (coming later in December):

* Adds support for the Redline Expansion Pack, coming to PlayStation®Store as a premium download later in December. This Expansion Pack includes the Redline Car Pack and Redline Tour Pack.

* The Redline Tour Pack includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.

* The Elements Tour Pack includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.


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It's safe to say, then, that DriveClub is getting back on track. Hopefully this is paving the way for the long-delayed PlayStation Plus Edition.

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