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News New DriveClub screenshots rain on Forza Horizon 2’s parade


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Move over Forza Horizon 2: DriveClub can do fancy rain effects too, y'know. Or at least that's the message I'm imaginging Evolution muttering to themselves when they cobbled together this assortment of DriveClub E3 screenshots showcasing some ravishing rain effects in DriveClub. We've seen plenty of arresting day and night transitions and ridiculously realistic cloud effects shown off in DriveClub, but weather effects were unconfirmed until now as Evolution continue to raise the bar for visual fidelity. Still in doubt that the year-long delay was for the greater good? 

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed the news over on Twitter: "We've just confirmed that DRIVECLUB will have dynamic rain and snow, which will affect car handling. Plus it looks amazing ;)." Soak up those screenshots below.

It's a shame we don't get to see the weather effects in-game in video form – just imagine how they will look from the detailed dashboard view. 

What's more, DriveClub's weather system will be dynamic, as Rustchynsky  explains in an E3 video demonstration of DriveClub. "You can start a race in the dry and it’ll transition to a thunder storm, before then drying up again. And it’s not just the visuals, but it’s how it affects gameplay as well; drifting around a corner on wet tarmac is going to be completely different to when it’s dry.” 


DriveClub was conspicuously absent from Sony's E3 conference, given that it's one of the front-runners of Sony's first party exclusive Winter line-up. Shame, really: with all the bad publicity, the conference was a missed opportunity to regenerate excitement for DriveClub. 

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