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News ’90s Super GP powersliding onto Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC


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Game: 90’s Super GT

Platform: PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Nicalis

Release Date: TBA

Remember ’90s Arcade Racer?

Originally slated for release back in 2014 on Wii U and PC as a homage to classic ’90s racers like Daytona USA, the project was initially Kickstarted by independent developer Pelikan13 four years ago. But as the years went by and updates became less frequent, it looked as if the project had been written off after the last ’90s Arcade Racer gameplay video was uploaded back in 2015.

'90s Super GP screenshot Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC

It was a strange situation, as both the developer and publisher Nicalis continually ignored comments when Kickstarter backers who had helped fund the game rightfully asked for updates on the game. After an extended silence, rumours that ’90s Arcade Racer had been cancelled for Wii U and renamed to ’90s Super GP started to circulate. That was over a year ago and was never officially confirmed by Pelikan13 or Nicalis.

At long last, Nicalis has broken the silence. You can now find an official page for ’90s Super GP on the Nicalis website, confirming a release for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. As we’ve seen in previous screenshots and gameplay videos, ’90s Super GP’s vibrant visuals will evoke the style of arcade racing classics like Daytona USA, Indy 500 and Ferrari F355 Challenge. Six circuits will feature, along with 12 vehicles with “precision handling” and “old-school drifting.”

Here’s the official feature set as listed on the Nicalis website:

  • Intense stock car, supercar and formula racing in the style of the best arcade racers of the 1990s
  • Bright colors, crazy track layouts and dance music evoke the golden era of arcade racing games
  • Finely tuned driving physics with precision handling and old-school drifting
  • 12 unique vehicles with different attributes and customizable colors
  • Six dynamic and shortcut-filled courses, three of which have “Long” and “Short” variations
  • Arcade mode for quick races in any unlocked vehicle on any unlocked course
  • Championship mode with four circuits in each of the stock, supercar and formula racing classes
  • Local and online multiplayer modes, online leaderboards

There’s still no release date, frustratingly, but the update at least gives us renewed hope that retro-inspired racing game isn’t dead.

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