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Game: 90’s Super GT

Platform: PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Nicalis

Release Date: TBA

With games like Horizon Chase, Drift Stage and Racing Apex gaining traction, there are plenty of retro-inspired racing games flooding the market right now. One of the first games to start the trend was 90’s Arcade Racer, a game that’s, as the name would suggest, heavily inspired by the great 90’s arcade racers such as Daytonna USA that ate all your pocket money.

90’s Arcade Racer was originally announced back in 2013 for PC, Wii U and mobiles following a successful Kickstarter campaign – but it still hasn’t been released.

Its release has been in doubt for the past few years as updates on its development have been somewhat sporadic. In fact, the last official update from developer was last November showing a near final build of the game indicating that the game was near completion, but we’ve heard nothing ever since. Considering the game has a following and plenty of people helped fund the Kickstarter, the lack of communication is mystifying.

However, an online listing recently spotted by the NeoGaf community suggests that 90’s Arcade Racer has been cancelled for its original formats and renamed to 90’s Super GP with a revised release for PS4 and Xbox One. However, the page has since been taken down and there hasn’t been any official confirmation from either the developer or publisher Nicalis.


Releasing the game on the current gen consoles makes business sense, but the news probably won’t go down well with anyone who originally invested in the Kickstarter campaign with the promise of being able to play it on PC and Wii U.

Admittedly, the possibility of 90’s Arcade Racer being written off for the Wii U doesn’t come as a huge surprise given that Nintendo themselves have all but abandoned the console to focus on developing the NX due for release next year. I would however be very surprised if it doesn’t end up releasing on PC.

Regardless, it will still be a shame if 90’s Arcade Racer isn’t released for Wii U, particularly as we’ve already seen it running at 60fps on the system and its fast paced, accessable gameplay seemed perfect for the platform. After the cancellation of Project CARS and the uncertainty of Road Redemption making it to Wii U, 90’s Arcade Racer was starting to look like Wii U owner’s last hope for a new racing game release.

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