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Codemasters have become one of the world's biggest publishers but where did it all begin and where are the founders now? Team VVV were recently given the opportunity to interview industry legend David Darling, who co-founded Codemasters with his brother Richard back in 1986. David gives a fascinating account of his life in the industry, from his early days of learning punch card computer programming to the formation of Codemasters, which led to early hits such as BMX Simulator before their talent for racing games emerged with the likes of fan-favourites Micro Machines, Colin McRae Rally and TOCA Touring Cars lapping up the charts.

We also gain an insight into the infamous Game Genie cheat cartridge which led to numerous legal battles with Nintendo, learn about Codemasters’ constant quest for realism and find out about David’s life after Codemasters with his current company Kawalee, a new software developer that caters for the smartphone market and, erm, blow up innocent iPads.



Tracing back through the company’s rich history and their diverse gaming portfolio makes you appreciate Codemasters’ journey to become one of the most recognised developers in the industry today, particularly when it comes to contemporary racing games – a fact which led to the recent rebranding into Codemasters Racing in order to focus solely on their talent for developing racing games.

Did our interview recall any fond memories of Codemasters’ previous work for you? Let us know by commenting below, or alternatively you can comment on our Facebook page.

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