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News Ridge Racer 6 added to XBox backward compatibility


Alan Boiston

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The list of titles that are backwardly compatible for XBox continues to grow, with many games featuring various elements that improve the overall experience, such as bumps in resolution and / or frame rate.  Ridge Racer 6 added to that list this week in a pleasant surprise and this has enabled a welcome return to prominence for this somewhat forgotten series.  As far as I have seen, there have been no significant changes to overall performance, though the game does looks smoother and sharper on an oled TV and according to John at Digital Foundry there appears to be HDR in some form which adds greatly to the experience.

Alas in the process of activating my game, the autosave from the XBox Series X overwrote my XBox 360 save, which contained a 100% save of the entire game besides some legendary replays. I confess this was not only disappointing but pretty upsetting to lose that history at the time, skills which I can no longer replicate. However, it does give me the opportunity to run the game again across various livestreams and share that progress with you viewers.

Ridge Racer is a great series and I won’t go into the history here, suffice to say it is always good to see new younger fans brought to the franchise, still one of the most stylish racing series ever made. I’ll leave you to a video with my initial thoughts and impressions below.

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