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Previews The Crew Wild Run preview: monster trucks


Kevin Dooley

News Editor

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Game: The Crew

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: 01/12/2014

Following on from our recent drift car video we now turn our attention to the monster trucks within The Crew's upcoming Wild Run expansion which is set to release on November 17.

Straight from the off you can see the monster truck bouncing around on its suspension as Ivory Tower let us know in no uncertain terms that the handling model in the Wild Run expansion has had an overhaul.

Once you add in the graphical upgrade, new lighting effects and improved reflections it really does look and feel like a completely new game. You'll notice that this particular build now has the cockpit view included and we get a quick glimpse of it in action.

We tackle the stunt/obstacle course which was a lot of fun even throwing in a flip along the way. It's not long before we spot the big point icon in the centre of the course and so we proceed up the steps and make our way toward the 5000 score reward, will we make it in time? Find out by watching the video below.

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