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Previews E3 2019: WRC 8 Monte Carlo preview gameplay


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Game: WRC 8

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 05/09/2019

After much anticipation, we’ve been lucky enough to get hands-on with the E3 2019 build of WRC 8 which is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Scheduled for release in September, WRC 8 is currently under development by the French development studio Kylotonn. Rather than the usual one-year development cycle, WRC 8 essentially took a “year off” and will be the successor to 2017’s WRC 7 (from the same studio).

The extra time has enabled the developer to really push their vision of the officially licensed rally racer with a clear focus on authenticity. WRC 8 will feature new off-road physics across its range of different surface types as well as a new dynamic weather system which is much more than just eye candy. The driver will need to contend with rain, hail, and snow which has a fundamental impact on the racing.

WRC 8’s road surfaces will undergo changing levels of grip as the rally progresses making tyre choice key – do you suffer the gravel sections of the rally to make up the time on the tarmac? Do you trust the weather person’s report enough to change your tyre choice? These are some of the questions WRC 8 will throw your way.

The extra development time has also allowed Kylotonn to give their game’s career mode a much-needed overhaul. Players will need to manage their schedule and activities between rallies, partake in research and development to improve their cars, as well as recruit and manage staff members across several sectors including mechanical, engineering, medical, finance, and more.

We’ll be diving into the game’s career mode as we get closer to the September launch window so stay tuned for that.

For our first of a series of E3 2019 WRC 8 videos, we dive into the rather sumptuous Monte Carlo Rally. Racing along the narrow mountain roads proves to be a fantastic experience. On one hand, we’re holding on for dear life as we traverse the hazardous roads and rugged man-made tunnels, on the other, we can’t help but marvel at the views – not that we have long to take them in though.

If the slippery narrow roads and tight tunnel sections weren’t challenging enough, you also have to contend with sections of mountain rocks that jut out aggressively. Indeed, you’ll have to be careful where you position your car otherwise you may find you’ll be driving along in the world’s first convertible WRC car if you catch my drift.

Needless to say, we’re endlessly impressed with the scale of the environments we’ve encountered so far in WRC 8. There’s a real sense of an authentic setting thanks to the beautifully detailed environments and long draw distances. If you can see a section of road or perhaps a peak in the distance, the chances are good that you’ll be driving on it in the not too distant future.

As WRC 8 is striving to create a more authentic experience than ever before, we thought it fitting that our first video should be tackled using a racing wheel and pedals. Modern rally cars are very powerful indeed so it’s probably best to start your WRC 8 journey in the lower powered Junior WRC cars before working up to the beastly WRC cars.

We found we had to continuously regulate our throttle inputs during the Monte Carlo stage to avoid spinning out or clipping the track edges. As a matter of fact, we found we were flat out in very few sections: WRC 8 will certainly test your driving skills.

We’re happy to report that the feeling of the handbrake has been improved, it now feels more natural and intuitive than before so you’ll be racing into tight hairpins with a little more confidence this time around.

In our second WRC 8 E3 2019 video, we’re going to be looking at controller handling so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now, check out our first E3 2019 preview of WRC 8 which showcases the Monte Carlo rally in the video below.

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