WRC 7 - Team VVV



PC, PS4, XBox One



Steering wheel compatible



Kylotonn Games

UK Release Date


Our Review

8 /10

The good

  • Very satisfying car handling
  • Intense gameplay
  • Impressive environments
  • Challenging epic stages

The bad

  • Nothing new in career mode
  • Poor replays
  • Damage model too forgiving


WRC 7 is an intense rally game that will test the skills of racing game veterans. Car handling feels fun and intense, and you get a great sense of the car’s weight, complemented by decent force feedback, (should you be using a racing wheel) that helps make the action even more realistic and intuitive. The career mode hasn’t really evolved since 2015’s WRC 5 and is in need of a refresh for next year’s offering. WRC 7 also sorely needs a presentation revamp: we’d love to see video introductions to each country along with some real-life WRC footage to help add context and the feeling that you are travelling across the globe, not to mention more TV-style replays. Criticisms aside, there’s no denying that WRC 7 is a fun, intense and satisfying racing game and is easily one of the best official WRC titles released to date.

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