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Previews WRC 7 video preview


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Game: WRC 7

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 15/09/2017

We first set eyes on WRC 7 from Kylotonn Games earlier this year at E3 and were left pleasantly surprised thanks to the title's impressive graphics, more nuanced handling model and rapid sense of speed. Indeed it was one of our games of the show and left us wanting more.

With the title releasing later this month, we've managed to get hold of the retail PC version and we go through various aspects of the rally racer in our preview video (as seen below) for your viewing pleasure.

Visually the game has improved over last year's iteration, we're particularly impressed with the draw distances and richly detailed foliage which make the environments feel like real places. In terms of physics, WRC 7 has come on in leaps and bounds, now you can really feel the bumpy surface beneath your car as you jump on your suspension doing your best to keep your car in a straight line.

We sample several different stages using different cars (including a Porsche) and give our general first impressions which you can view below with more coverage to come shortly.


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