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Previews Assetto Corsa PS4 preview part 2 – initial impressions


Kevin Dooley

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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

In the second part of our Assetto Corsa PlayStation 4 preview we offer our initial thoughts on the upcoming title due for release on Sony's and Microsoft's console this Spring.

The preview version we had access to was limited to three cars: the Ferrari FXXK, McLaren P1 and the Audi R8 and we were given the choice between the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya and Spa-Francorchamps tracks. Although Alan hadn't played Assetto Corsa for a little while, it wasn't long before he was driving with confidence thanks to Assetto Corsa's intuitive and natural feeling handling model which has successfully migrated to the PlayStation 4 version.

We were very satisfied with the handling model and had no concerns there, so our attention turns to the sim's framerate which is always going to be a challenge when porting over from the PC to home consoles. Fortunately the preview version we got our hands on was already close to pumping out 60 frames per second, impressive considering it was a pre-alpha build. There were the odd frame drops here and there but with a few months left in development we are confident that KUNOS Simulazioni can smooth things out ready for the title's release.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox Oine versions of Assetto Corsa will feature all of the content from the PC version including the various content packs, so there should be a decent amount of content available for the sim at launch. Overall we were very impressed indeed with the quality and polish of the title and we are very much looking forward to getting more time with the sim as we approach ever closer to its release date of April 22, video impressions below.

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