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News Wreckfest on PS4 & Xbox One delayed to 2019


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Game: Wreckfest

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bugbear Entertainment, THQ Nordic

Release Date: 27/08/2019 (PS4 & XONE)

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch of Wreckfest, which was due to be released on November 20, 2018, has now been pushed back to “2019”.

The demolition derby themed racing game (originally known as Next Car Game) released on Steam earlier this year after almost five years in Early Access.

The postponement will give the development team Bugbear the chance to polish the title so it lives up to the PC version already released, there’s already some compensation in the works too.

Roger Joswig, Senior Producer at THQ Nordic, said:

“Wreckfest for consoles will only be released as soon as we love playing it. After the fantastic release on PC, the benchmark for the console release is much higher. At this moment, the team needs more time to polish the multiplayer part, as well as the overall performance on the game to bring it up to par with the experience on PC. We are sorry for keeping fans waiting longer because of this. However, we already have compensation in the form of further vehicles, including a special crazy vehicle, in the works for consoles.”

Wreckfest should scratch the itch that fans of the 1995’s Destruction Derby have had for many years now. Wreckfest features incredible soft body deformation and chaotic action which is portrayed through a surprisingly realistic physics engine.

Wreckfest features a range of cars from old American “heavy-hitters” to the more nimble European offerings. Cars can be customised both visually and physically thanks to a range of aesthetic options and body armour alike.

We’ll let you know as soon as we learn the actual release date for the console versions of Wreckfest.

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2 years ago

They can take as long as they want. I am just beyond thrilled someone decided to pay homage to Demonlition Derby. That was such an underated game. I thought I was the only one who fondly reminisced jacking up other cars to my hearts content. To the studio who is making this, well done guys I appreciate all of you!

2 years ago

They should just hurry up in my opinion because I have been waiting for years now.

They should get it right but please have it done quickly.

2 years ago

Better to get the console release right rather than replicate the early access debacle which turned out a decent game after a long development and engine rewrite.

I believe any additions to the console version will come to the PC.

2 years ago

That’s a shame for console players. I’ve been really enjoying Wreckfest since its “full” launch on PC.

Though, while a November release would have been good, in terms of momentum for the game’s development; it might not be the best window for the game compared to the juggernauts releasing around this time. All the limelight is pretty much taken.
But if it ends with a better product for customers. It won’t be too bad of news.

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