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Game: WRC 5

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 13/10/2015

We head over to France in our latest WRC 5 gameplay video and sample the game's wet weather effects.

The wet weather in WRC 5 has been done well, the misty effects and wet road surfaces do a job job of conveying that wet and miserable look, you can almost smell the damp in the air. In contrast to the dull conditions, you get the sun breaking through the cloud cover every now and again which makes for some nice moments.

Bonnet/hood reflections look decent and rain droplets can be seen hitting the bonnet. We raise a few points which have been annoying us recently such as often finishing rally stages with a slight lead regardless of the time we set.

Split times are completely absent in WRC 5 too, some of our viewers have raised the point that split times have been taken out of the real-world WRC competition this year, but even so I feel split times are a huge part of the fun in rally titles and its absence is detrimental to the experience.

You can check out our latest WRC 5 video below.

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