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News WRC 4 Vita gameplay – Australia and Portugal


Martin Bigg


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Game: WRC 4

Platform: PC, PSVita

Publisher: Bigben Interactive, Square Enix Co.

Release Date: 25/10/2013

Time now for another look at WRC 4 on the PlayStation Vita as our preview coverage on Milestone's latest rally sim presses on. 

This time we take a brief look at the new Australian stage (which was sadly cut short) before taking a spin on the dustry trails of Portugal, which, along with being retextured, showcases the new natural lighting we can look forward to.  

Again, it's encouraging to see WRC 4 has been uncompromised in its handheld Vita port this time round, featuring all the cars, stages and in-depth career mode found in the console game. As well as being one of the most graphically advanced driving games to date on the Vita, it should also prove to be one of the most challenging. 


I will be getting my hands on the Vita version of WRC 4 soon, so expect more videos of the various stages to appear on the channel as I put my handheld driving skills to the test. Don't be surprised, then, if you'll end up seeing garbled shots of me rolling down cliffs a lot.  

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