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News Video: FIA European Truck Racing Championship overview


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Game: FIA European Truck Racing Championship

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 18/07/2019

With the recent release of FIA European Truck Racing Championship, we crack open the title to reveal all of its game modes, tracks, and more courtesy of our very latest overview video.

To say truck racing games on the console are rare is understating it, so we were more than a little intrigued when the game was first revealed earlier in the year.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship puts you behind the wheel of a 5+ tonne racing truck that will take some mastering to keep on the grey stuff. Besides wrestling these beasts around some of the world’s most famous tracks, you’ll also need to steer clear of track bollards to avoid drive-through penalties, keep your brakes within their optimal working temperatures by squirting water on them, and timing your gear changes to perfection to keep your truck’s momentum up.

In our overview video, we see what’s on offer in the title’s career mode where we showcase several license tests before heading to the track for our very first race. We also take a brief look at all the available tracks, the different time of day and weather conditions, as well as the title’s many camera viewpoints.

We are impressed with the truck physics along with the audio which together gives a believable sense of driving a 1000+ bhp racing truck. You can view all that FIA European Truck Racing Championship has to offer in our overview video below.


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